Oversize Recycling

At BACS we have installed a separate process for cleaning and recycling compost “oversize”.  Oversize is the term used within the organic waste recycling industry to describe the large woody part of the finished compost that is left over after the finer compost grades have been “screened” out.  It is an unfortunate reality that organic waste can contain a small amount of non compostable materials with plastic bags being a particular problem.  At BACS we work hard to remove contrary materials throughout the composting process, but despite our best efforts there is occasionally a residual amount of contrary material that ends up in the oversize.  It is for this reason we have installed a processing line to remove these materials and turn the residual woody compost oversize into valuable mulch products that can be used by gardeners and landscapers alike.

Birch Airfield Composting Services

At BACS we are able to clean and process compost oversize from other composting businesses; contact us to discuss opportunities in more detail.

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