Agricultural Products

We also produce a 0-20mm composted soil improver suitable for application on agricultural land. It is PAS 100 2018 and Compost Quality Protocol certified and it provides a range of beneficial nutrients and physico-chemical properties when applied to land.


Birch Airfield Composting Services

Scientific research carried out on the use of source segregated compost in agriculture demonstrates the following key benefits:

  • Increase in water retention
  • Improved soil structure
  • Reduction in cultivation passes (reduction in energy costs)
  • Improved soil fauna and flora levels
  • Higher yielding crops
  • Disease suppression

WRAP guidance for compost use in agriculture:

The product contains useful amounts of all major nutrients although only potash and phosphorous is available in significant quantities in year one.  Typical nutrient levels within the compost as based upon laboratory analysis indicate that major nutrient availability will be as shown below in the table below.

Birch Airfield Composting Services

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